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What do I need to do before Stax Steamer arrives?

You'll need to move small items, nic-nacks and breakables off the carpet and off any furniture you would like us to move. Or, you can move out what you want and have us clean the open areas around what is left to get the lowest cost.  Also, please vacuum your carpets before we arrive and have tile free of debris as well.  All this helps speed up the process and allows us to get started right away so you can go about your day!

It varies between 3 and 8 hours for total drying time. In cold weather turn your heat up and ventilate the house somewhat with exhaust fans and some windows open slightly. You can open the whole house during hot dry weather. Air conditioning helps during humid days. Blow air across the carpet with summer fans and ceiling fans. The ideal inside temperature is 72 or warmer regardless of weather.  

Yes you can. We recommend you walk in socks or we can supply some "booties" for you and please be careful not to slip as you walk from the damp carpet onto hard floors like vinyl, wood or tile.  

Do I have to be here the entire time that the cleaning takes place?

We have great success with most spots. A spot is something foreign on the carpet or upholstery that can be removed. A stain is something we call a spot after we have exhausted all removal possibilities. It's impossible to predict the outcome prior to cleaning so we cannot guarantee total stain removal, it's foolish to do so.  Depending on the age of the stain, or if it's been "cleaned" or attempted to be cleaned before can all factor in...one thing is for sure, we'll do our best!!

 How long will it take to dry?
Can I walk on my carpet right after its been cleaned?
How often should you clean your floors and upholstery?
Do you guarantee to remove all the spots and stains?
Why should I have my carpet and upholstery professionally cleaned? 

Professional Carpet Cleaning

No. We're licensed, bonded and insured. Many customers will meet with us and then leave when we're ready to begin cleaning. When we're finished, we'll adjust the thermostat, windows and your fans for the quickest drying time, and lock ourselves out. If you're a past customer or we've done an estimate for you, we can arrange for entry while you're at work, and call you if we have any questions, if that is your preference.  Many long time customers of Stax Steamer trust us to do a great job and make things as easy as possible to get the job done!!

  1. For sanitation: A clean carpet makes for a healthy home and office environment.

  2. For maintenance: A clean carpet will last longer than a soiled carpet. Abrasive dry soil that your vacuum cleaner cannot remove will scratch and  abrade the yarns. Many new carpet warranties require professional carpet cleaning and even specify the 'hot water extraction system' carpet cleaning services that Stax Steamer uses for the greatest soil removal.

  3. For appearance: Spots and soil buildup is unsightly and embarrassing. Your trained, experienced, owner from Stax Steamer uses the finest products and equipment available for the best spot and soil removal possible. We're the experts! Many carpet manufacturers recommend professional over 'do-it-yourself' cleaning because of the potential problems that can occur from using rental equipment -- such as yellowing, over wetting, fiber tip damage, severe re-soiling and overuse of detergents.

If carpet and upholstery is cleaned before it becomes too unsightly, the cleaning chore will be easier and more successful. Allowing them to become overly soiled will result in irreversible damage. It is a common myth that cleaning them before it is absolutely necessary will cause them to get dirty faster. Your cleaning frequency is dependent on a number of factors including your lifestyle, kids, pets, color choices, housekeeping, and your level of spot cleaning success, to name a few.

Frequently used carpet should be professionally cleaned at least annually - perhaps a little longer interval for infrequently used carpet and even sooner for carpet in homes occupied by respiratory sensitive or allergic persons; or in homes with indoor pets. The following chart from the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) S100  & S200 Standards and Reference Guide for Professional Carpet Cleaning serves as a guideline for recommending cleaning frequencies for carpet.